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Ps5 fantasy draft 29/32!

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2022.01.22 19:56 Turrkkyyy Ps5 fantasy draft 29/32!

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2022.01.22 19:56 swagNextTuber Acosta digs in on the most 'egregious' efforts to further election lie

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2022.01.22 19:56 cargosaurus_rex [DISCUSSION] How many strats is too many?

I’m a strat guy. I recently had the idea of getting a bunch of strats in different colors and swapping out pickups with weird or unique sets (lipstick pickups, lace sensors, Seymour Duncan everything axe, etc) to have a variety of different tones, colors, and tunings (depending on the setup). I wanna know what everyone thinks or if someone has done something before, or if there is such a thing as too many strats.
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2022.01.22 19:56 TUFKAT More of a PSA: If you rely on your ICBC renewal notice to remind you your insurance is expiring you may want to check your plates.

My insurance is due in a couple weeks, no letter yet. Called the place I normally go, and they said that a lot of people aren't receiving their renewal letters and that you can renew without it. Just bring in your old papers and driver's license.
I've been seeing a lot of BC plates with expired insurance, 3 over the last 2 days.
Sorry for my Facebook like utilization of Reddit and my weird flair as I don't know what to use.
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2022.01.22 19:56 Adorable-Lack-3578 What's the current market rate for a room rental in a house?

I've got a house near St Pete High. At some point, a previous owner added a bedroom and bathroom as an addition. I've used it as a guest bedroom but it's not been used for very long stretches and am thinking of renting. It has its own exterior door, plus one to the interior of the house. I have high speed wifi and because we aren't splitting the house 50/50, was thinking of of charging just one fixed amount rather than splitting power, water, etc. I'm curious as to what's a fair rent for such a situation?
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2022.01.22 19:56 chickenlover46 Can I safely marry the maid?

So I used ACR to give every sim in my hood a gender preference. I made being bisexual pretty rare just to mix things up, and Brandi Broke and the maid with the black hair who sleeps with everyone both rolled bi! Before I get too attached to the idea of this couple I want to be sure I can marry the maid without corruption.
Also, is marrying a professor okay? I keep reading that you shouldn’t move in any NPCs besides the townies, but it seems like you’d miss so many story opportunities if you can’t marry professors or maids, etc.
submitted by chickenlover46 to sims2 [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 19:56 Markipoo-9000 Nitro help

So xbox game pass is giving out 3 months free nitro and I really want to redeem it. Issue is it wants a credit/debit card for some reaso which I don't own. I tried using an old paypal card just so it would go through by it just declines it. Any way I can redeem my nitro without needing to borrow someones card?
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2022.01.22 19:56 HelluvanAddict 23 [M4R] Married dad looking for friends

Hi I'm a 23 married dad looking for friends and memes on kik. I have mental health issues (rather be forward). I have 10 writing projects on Webnovel. I don't want anything to wild y'all. I like gaming, usually Xbox but I do have Nintendo Switch
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2022.01.22 19:56 FormerFungusSlave Supernatural Sub Results: Week 4

Hey guys, hope you all had a great week. Didnt get the most impressive results so I'll keep it short. I lost 2 pounds but I've been eating healthier recently anyways and haven't weighed myself in a while. I had a play fight with my brother and demolished him. I haven't been able to work out in a while cause my bench broke so no new feats of strength really. Finally, I have a mark on my wrist that was absolutely not there before. See you all in a week!
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2022.01.22 19:56 Unparallelium Zombieman could become INSANELY rich

He has infinite body parts that he could sell.
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2022.01.22 19:56 swagNextTuber Experts call this one of the most dangerous situations a police officer can face

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2022.01.22 19:56 FutureBarrySeal When do you usually start your descend in traffic pattern?

Hey everybody, hope you are all doing well. I’ve been thinking about this a bit more recently as my first instructor and 2nd instructor have different views on this.
Let’s say the TP at your airport is 1000’ and you’re doing just normal traffic pattern work. When would you start your descend, if there is no other aircraft/obstacles you have to watch out for? My first instructor would have me start my descend about half way into the downwind and I would go flaps 1 at this point as well. My current instructor generally wants me to wait until I’m making my base turn or right before to start the descend and will have me usually hold off on the flaps as well until in base/on final. I think I definitely am more stable/land better doing it the first way, but the 2nd way is meant to be better for a go around incase of any problems.
Is there a right way to do this, or a better way? Or do both have their own pros and cons?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.22 19:56 MangaMart What Arc made you realize Naruto is built different?

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2022.01.22 19:56 wakawakr Strange rock that looks like plastic

Strange rock that looks like plastic submitted by wakawakr to mildlyinteresting [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 19:56 cashdudex A question about R6 Extraction.

I am experiencing what I assume is a glitch/bug. Every few minutes my game will freeze for like 3 seconds. I dont know why its happening and im wondering if there is a fix. Also has antone else experienced this?
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2022.01.22 19:56 pure_chamomile Which Reddit groups have you found insightful for your personal growth & improvement?

There's so many communities here, and I love reading and learning about the different points of view everyone has to share... even when it does get a bit judgey and toxic!
I'd love to know which groups you've learnt the most from for whatever your personal growth interests are: such as anger management, caring about others more, taking on a more positive outlook on life, overcoming insecurities, trying out new things, etc etc
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2022.01.22 19:56 DirectionExpensive13 Can anyone give me a brief summary of the manga/LN after the anime?

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2022.01.22 19:56 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Insidio] [Saffron Insidio: Sticker Bomb] [Orange Wildcat Ears] [Autumn] [Burnt Sienna Haunted Hoss] [Flower - Tulip] [Flame Chain]

[Crimson Insidio] [Saffron Insidio: Sticker Bomb] [Orange Wildcat Ears] [Autumn] [Burnt Sienna Haunted Hoss] [Flower - Tulip] [Flame Chain] submitted by RLCD-Bot to RLCustomDesigns [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 19:56 Armed_Pufferfish *Slaps you with this* ft. Charles & Victoria

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2022.01.22 19:56 a_lance1 upvte need karma hihi

upvote, comment and share ji
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2022.01.22 19:56 JoeyDariz Genesect raid on me 4797 9147 1416

Inviting 10. Starting in 4 minutes. If I add you, then you will get an invite. Will raid with 5+ trainers at 20 secs.
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2022.01.22 19:56 Boring-Opposite2204 Am i?

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2022.01.22 19:56 golden-cosmos ID Help & Seed Pods? Zone 4b with a south facing window! Any ideas on what these pod looking things are? Flowers were there previously. Possibly a type of mamillaria?

ID Help & Seed Pods? Zone 4b with a south facing window! Any ideas on what these pod looking things are? Flowers were there previously. Possibly a type of mamillaria? submitted by golden-cosmos to cactus [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 19:56 xnamwodahs Hi. I'd like to be an ally and help, if I can.

Hey everyone. I'm a transfer from IncelTear, where I've actually found myself engaging with and having relatively pleasant and seriously compassionate conversations with some Incels who reached out to me. Usually to troll or pick a fight, but as soon as some engagement in good faith happens they turn into very fascinating conversations.
I'm someone who has struggled with depression, rejection, loneliness, isolation, abuse from female partners, and a whole other slew of mental health and life issues. I've got alot of compassion and a burning desire to help my brothers out of the pits of misery and loneliness.
I have developed both mental and physical strategies and outlooks to help cope with failure and feelings of worthlessness, that in my personal opinion also increase your chances of succeeding when you find someone you're compatible with. And I wanna help.
I can't guarentee success in relationships as that's impossible, I don't believe there is a formula for success. But I do believe there are formulas for failure, and I think that the ideologies which help succeed in relationships are twofold useful because they also just simply make you happier, help your self respect, and are physically good for you, in such a way that if you fail, you're still better off than you were before.
Lately I've been going for my personal trainer license as I've gotten into weight training and fitness for my own personal reasons, and that combined with my philosophy and recent experiences with incels has led me to want to start a true passion project of helping to disentangle the painful parts of masculinity from the healthy ones. I'm a leftist and a feminist, but I don't hate men and am willing to engage in good faith with (most) perspectives and ideals that I happen to disagree with.
I sincerely hope that any of you who are struggling and could use some help, or use a friend, will reach out to me and we can chat about shit.
I'm also married and my wife is super on board with this mission, so there's a compassionate female voice in the conversation for anyone interested. We will give honest compassionate fashion or grooming advice, help with dating profile setups, and help explaining female perspectives if that's helpful to anyone.
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2022.01.22 19:56 twentydeuce Need help rethinking the layout of long narrow family room

I am going to do some renovations to add recessed lighting, update the baseboard and repaint this room. I'm wondering if I should move the tv as well to update the whole layout. I've never really liked how this room is set up, but it's really hard with such a long narrow room. I put the tv on the far wall to allow for the most seating, but now I'm thinking about moving it to the wall to the right and the couch would be directly across from it. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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