Tibetan Miracle Seeds - Inca Missiles

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2022.01.22 20:13 Cakemunition W: Prime Gatling Plasma Receiver H: 1,000 caps for any sellers

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2022.01.22 20:13 User_not_ How to fix extreme stuttering on PC?

Ever since I reinstalled windows my PC has been stuttering like crazy, it's so bad that my computer is near unusable at times and it never stops no matter how many times I restart, I've tried running the PC is safe mode, still stutters, I've reinstalled driver's, still stutters, tried deleting every application on my PC, still stutters. I think it's an issue with windows. Thanks
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2022.01.22 20:13 TheNationsKing How different the world could be

Anyone ever contemplate how much of a superpower Germany could’ve been today? They were a leading country before they got knocked down the ranks in WW1 and also still worked their jobs way out of the harsh conditions after the First World War. Also, if WW2 never happened, think of all the bright minds they would have had. USSR and America took all of their leading scientists (not to even mention all the young men lost in the war) I wonder where they could have been if their scientists had not fled. In my opinion they may have been a leading nation. Food for thought. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?
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2022.01.22 20:13 arkinia-charlotte Hey I’d like opinions on if this is healthy :)

So I’m F18, and I calculated it, it said to eat about 1350kcal a day to lose weight, I do pretty much nothing physically, I’m 169cm and 64kg. I’m doing fine and don’t feel too hungry, just a bit hungry because this is less than usual, I used to have a very unhealthy diet. Any input would be appreciated :)
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2022.01.22 20:13 chloegraceb I was hit by a car travelling 70mph. AMA

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2022.01.22 20:13 GirlFromSpace22 Any ideas on how to go on with everything?

So me and my bf have been together for 3 years. I do realize it was underage, but nothings happened. He’s respectful, understanding, and not forcing anything. He has a 5yr old son. The mother left when he was 2, due to her being unready for a kid. My bf has done a phenomenal job raising the kid. And the little one is so close to me. He gets pain and comes to me and we cuddle to sleep, tells me he loves me, hugs and kisses me many times in the day, and he even calls me mom. My bf and I have decided we wanna try for a baby together and we’re expecting now😅. The ex-wife’s parents are still in the picture, but no other family and he’s not had any other women in his life since the wife. So ig the questions I have are How do I parent a 7yr old, prepare for a baby, how can I convince him to let me work, and keep our relationship strong? We’re really close and you’ll rarely see us away from each other, but I’m scared that since the grandparents are gonna come between us and I won’t be able to the gf/stepmom I wanna be.
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2022.01.22 20:13 Extension-Hand3559 I accidentally cured my IBS.

Bit of a background, I've been suffering from IBS-D as well as a bunch of other debilitating chronic symptoms for the last decade. Up until this point, no doctor, naturopath, supplement or diet could give me lasting relief. (Note... I'd been doing Dr. Ruscio's Great in 8 Plan & Carnivore Diet for ~ 2 Months Prior To This... but had not noticed any changes.)
Things had gotten so desperate that I was no longer able to work, drive, or do my usual hobbies like mountain biking, etc. (Mostly because I added daily migraines, nausea, and fatigue to my symptoms in the last year.)
Anyway.... 10 weeks ago I went in for a colonoscopy & endoscopy at my local clinic and as many of you would know... for 3 days before the procedure they have you on super strong prescription laxatives. (For me... it was Picolax and something else I can't remember.)
So I take it and as expected have THE WORSE diarrhea of my god damn life. Literally couldn't even watch tv or talk to family as I'd be going back to the toilet every 5 mins. Suffice to say, those 3 days was hell.
The procedure went well... and I was unsurprised that they didn't find anything. (My gut had always told me it was IBS but it was good to know for sure.)
When I was at the clinic, they told me that it'd take a few days for my stomach to go back to 'normal.' However... for me it was 2 weeks of brutal diarrhea. (Not as bad as the days prior to the procedure... dramatically worse than my usual IBS.)
I was kind of worried that it'd stick around... so I decided to take some supplements which often help at least calm me down slightly. I've taken these at least 6 months out of the last 12 and never gotten any major results from them.
Anyway. It was four strains/blends of different probiotics (all hist friendly), some digestive enzymes and acids, DAO/histamine block, and a bunch of other stuff like vitamins/etc.
For the first time ever... they didn't help at all. So I kept increasing the dose over the following 2 weeks until I was up to about 3x the usual dosage for everything.
Still... nothing. So I gave up & stopped taking supplements. FYI.... Around this time I also started seeing another naturopath... so I went off my diet for a while... which mean at this stage I stopped all my supplements and all my diets.
Then... something very surprising happened. My diahrea went away. And it's been gone for the last 8 weeks which shocks me because I haven't been taking supps, dieting, and have been eating heaps of junk that normally wreaks havoc on me liek chocolate, candy, bread, cakes, pasta, pizza, cheese, etc. Even having a drink or two here and there... and NONE of it braught my diahrea back.
I've had perfect solid shits every time I've sat down on the toilet for the last 8 weeks. And I'm amazed...
What do I make of this?
We'll one of the interesting things that Dr. Ruscio mentioend in his book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, is that he believes that when it comes to rebalancing the gut with probiotics and other supps... these treatments are many times more effective if you first focus on eliminating or cleansing the bad... (and that even most other naturopaths fail to make this connection.)

In his program he recommends doing a lemon cleanse & an elemental diet... neither of which gave me any result. (and were 4 months prior to this.)

So my guess is... I accidentally did what he had outlined but in a differnt way. For me... taking the prescription strength laxitives and having 2 weeks of brutal diahrea.... then hitting myself with high dose probiotics for 2 weeks after the treatment.

Anyway. Just dropping this here. If you've got IBS. You might want to try something similar... as I've NEVER seen anyone other than Dr. Ruscio recommend anything like this.
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2022.01.22 20:13 SourabhShekharChavan url generated for Streamlit not working properly. ngrok tells me to register again even though I have already registered or gives me an error

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2022.01.22 20:13 newsfeedmedia1 Jacinda Ardern puts ALL of New Zealand on highest Covid alert

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2022.01.22 20:13 Saint_Chrispy1 Divisional Round Thread

Haven't seen one and it's halftime figure we can talk shit here! RN4L but let's go anyone but KC or TB
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2022.01.22 20:13 Low_n_Slow_Basics Smoked a pork belly. One of the tastiest bites of BBQ I’ve ever had!

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2022.01.22 20:13 FerdaBoys89 First prime green and definitely out of the few prime jerseys that were out in Toronto stores , I think I picked a great one !. So glad adidas went back to twill numbering and lettering,heat pressing and then sowing down again.

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