Templar knights Vs King Velmgard In Bloody Battle

2022.01.22 19:53 hotdog6542M Templar knights Vs King Velmgard In Bloody Battle

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2022.01.22 19:53 Gogoche Cal Grant: has anyone received their Cal Grant yet?

I see my Cal Grant under "payment", in my account inquiry, but I don't see anything in my account. It wouldn't be under "refund" would it? I believe a refund is a separate thing?
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2022.01.22 19:53 sander_salamander Goede poging

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2022.01.22 19:53 no_name7007 TOP 5 Dokumentaraca o drugom svjetskom ratu

Pozdrav svima evo top 5 dokumentaraca o drugom svjetskom ratu moja preporuka s moje web stranice
⏹Napomena: Uključite adBlock ako vam smetaju reklame, jer zaista ima puno reklama da se ne može gledati normalno video
⏹TOP Lista:

  1. Drugi svjetski rat u brojevima
  2. Hitler protiv Staljina
  3. Sovjetska Oluja Sezona 1
Sovjetska Oluja Sezona 2
  1. Otkrivanje Povijesti
  2. Normandija 1944: Dan D i bitka za Francusku
⏹Hvala vam na pažnji!
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2022.01.22 19:53 Kshane08 Weight loss on Testosterone

I’m 5’7 and when started testosterone a year ago I weight 205 in now currently at 175 and continue to lose weight how can I gain more weight & stop the weight loss. I’d like to be at 180-185. My protein intake is at 190-200 grams a day.
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2022.01.22 19:53 Shinishiny- [My art] Valentine is coming soon~

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2022.01.22 19:53 nonsensy Sheep | 32,000

sheep jumping on from here
Thanks to tds_not_vds for the final ride
next get will be 33 000
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2022.01.22 19:53 namespelldwrong23 Customer Coupons and Specials

I'm trying to get the state swap sticker in Sushiria where I have to serve Utah a california roll. I gave her a customer coupon and i thought "surely she'll order the special in a few attempts." It's been over ten days of refreshing and she just orders her usual. Is it just a rare chance she orders the special or is actually impossible for someone to order the special if he/she gets a coupon?
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2022.01.22 19:53 Glowingtomato New 1983 Ford Ranger casting coming soon from Johnny Lightning. I'm excited because I had an '88 as my first car

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2022.01.22 19:53 Antique_Shower8565 Dog food

I dont get paid until the 28th, need $40 for dog food If someone could help me out id appreciate it.. i can reimburse you when i get paid Cash app: $96hbf
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2022.01.22 19:53 BlakeAgoraphobic "Thank you!"

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2022.01.22 19:53 Clanks2 PvM Public Instance (Booting Trolls)

I think since Public Encounters like Croesus, you get some trolls that think annoy everyone in the instance by Praying at the Statues before the Energy's show up, and praying at the other statues, to make people have half points.
These people that do this deliberately and find it funny to spoil other players enjoyment and nerf our loot, why should these people simply get away with it.
If I was to punch someone's teeth down their throat in real life, there are no consequences? Yes, more than likely I would be arrested for it (punished).
My point is, these people get away with it waste peoples (players) time, auras and potions and Jagex has not got a way to kick these people put of the instance or to pick up and boot these people.
I suggest that Jagex Pull there fingers out of there backsides and add a feature where we can actually see people in the instance and put a button by there name, to give people a choice if someone should be booted from the instance, for a few hours so, these people won't be able to disrupt peoples fun.
Or have a recognition thing that can pick up if someone is on purposefully ruining a game, like repetitively game after game after game.
I do understand people don't know stuff and mechanics and so fourth, just when someone is doing it and other people know they are doing it, us the players or the game should see it is sabotage for other people, and should do something about it.
What do you all think. Should Jagex add something like this where we the players that get frustrated in public instances like Croesus getting some people Trolls, ruining the game as well our chances at more loot. Because they find it funny to do the wrong thing over and over, I do not think I can use usernames, but there is a known three to four people that do this they k ow how the mechanics of the boss and choose to screw the fight up. Either to enrage the boss to 100% or Pray before the Energies are dealt with.
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2022.01.22 19:53 Lsp6891 Ric Fulop on Twitter :)

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2022.01.22 19:53 meeghelito i drew the 10k gecs album cover but i have the drawing skills of a 4 year old. we need another single im crying

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2022.01.22 19:53 cosmicjulz Recommendations for a birthday brunch?

I had a similar post up earlier this month but was removed for whatever reason 🙃 so I’ll be turning 25 on 2/12 which happens to be valentines weekend so I’m trying to plan ahead. Do y’all have any recommendations for a brunch spot that does something special for birthday guests? All types of cuisine are accepted! I’m not a picky eater, just want some good food and a good time. We will be a group of 5 or so. Thank you all in advance!
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2022.01.22 19:53 _starburner Merchant Death, by me

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2022.01.22 19:53 prettyricky_23 Skid or pallets.

Anyone know a place in Scarborough that lets you take their skids/pallets? Looking for scrap wood to build something for my balcony.
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2022.01.22 19:53 rockstar12333 Twitch like Norm

My twitch is mikekodezki im like Norm before he died of cancer...
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2022.01.22 19:53 CreepyIdioticSimp I might actually be getting my room painted so it doesn't look like the room of a fucking 4 year old :D

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2022.01.22 19:53 servedupward Léa Seydoux

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2022.01.22 19:53 eltonthepaleoman google translated "we dont talk about bruno (i copied and pasted lyrics from link below the lyrics, then google translated them)

We're not talking about Bruno, no, no, no
But we're not talking about Bruno.
it's my wedding day
it was our wedding day
we are ready
And there are no clouds in the sky
No clouds allowed in the sky
Bruno arrived smiling
Are you telling me this story?
sorry god it's already over
"It's like water," says Bruno.
Why did he tell us this?
It also fills my brain
grandma give me peace
They got married under Shanti
hello but
We're not talking about Bruno, no, no, no
We're not talking about Bruno.
Aloha, he's alive, Bruno afraid he won't stop
I always hear you laughing
I add the falling sand dude
Hard work and the rewards are simple
Abuela and her family struggle
They insist on a prophecy they don't understand
you can see why
Seven feet, rat behind
When you say your name, everything is black
Yeah, they'll dream and you'll cry (hello)
We're not talking about Bruno, no, no, no
We're not talking about Bruno.
Said my fish will die tomorrow (no no no)
He asked me to inflate my belly and said (no, no)
Said I lost all my hair so my face (no, no)
Decide what awaits you by reading your predictions
said life is my dream
I promise one day it will stay with me
“My strength is growing,” he said.
How to grow grapes in grapes (oh, Mariano Way)
Said you're the man of my dreams
this is the only result
hole inside
You've probably heard of it before
I don't want to think about you bro
I hear, I hear
Dar, Bruno
Yes, too stupid for me, Bruno is not for me.
I need to know about Bruno
Give me the truth and the truth, Bruno (Isabel, that's my love)
Breakfast time
He's got seven legs, a mouse on his back (on my wedding day, on my wedding day)
It's so dark when you write your name (we're ready, no clouds in the sky)
Yes, they will see your dreams and holiday on your lips (Bruno arrives with a smile)
Are you telling me this story?
Mariano is coming
"Like water," said Bruno (said my husband doesn't sleep).
At the same time my brain is full (for everyone, for everyone)
Married to Faith (and I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine)
he is there
Don't talk about Bruno, no
Why are we talking about Bruno? 61
This does not apply to Bruno
I didn't take Bruno
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2022.01.22 19:53 bigboi8619 I have nothing to do.

Im new to the game, and I have just about nothing to do. I cant afford to start any of the roles because the prices keep going up for some stupid reason, Ive done all the Land of Opportunities missions which didnt give me nearly enough of anything. I cant rob stores and I have never once seen a train with people on it. Theres just nothing to do than random Stranger missions and the Series’.
I really like the idea of the game, I just have nothing interesting or fun to do in it.
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2022.01.22 19:53 topredditbot I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. she took it seriously, and actually did it [r/aww by u/fosterschmidt]

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2022.01.22 19:53 redZwigga After reading Kaiju No. 8 volume 1 i noticed that apparently i got a second printing from back in august?? Someone else noticed this?

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