a2h9z 9bbri 3rt2k b96ai k23e9 n3idd 4e5ad n9fsn tf6a6 eb69b ek47s 3hf9k i4td4 zt369 dkf8k bdr7d sasf7 98ee8 ss29y nzbds bf5he Cronos World - First All-In-One Platform for Cronos. Cronos World is your one-stop destination for everything Cronos offers, under one roof. DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace. Check its investors/partners details . |

Cronos World - First All-In-One Platform for Cronos. Cronos World is your one-stop destination for everything Cronos offers, under one roof. DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace. Check its investors/partners details .

2021.12.09 04:34 Rahul_2503 Cronos World - First All-In-One Platform for Cronos. Cronos World is your one-stop destination for everything Cronos offers, under one roof. DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace. Check its investors/partners details .

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2021.12.09 04:34 ObnoxiousOldBastard Omicron weakens vaccine protection, but boosters revive defenses, early data finds

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2021.12.09 04:34 theman02124_ Examiner job offer/career advice

I have recently been given a patent examiner job offer (GS-7) for EE and am contemplating if I should accept. Tentative start date is Jan. 18. I already live in the DC area.
Here's my situation: I currently work in the engineering/IP space for a small startup. Been in my current role for almost a year now and absolutely hate it. The work is ok I guess but the people I work with are plain awful. Particularly one boss who constantly berates me and talks shit about me to my coworkers behind my back. The pay is also terrible so I am pretty unmotivated.
I've been trying to find a new job for a few months now and haven't had much luck. The examiner job seemed interesting when I applied but now that I have had some time to think (and read comments on here) I'm not sure the job is right for me. I already made up my mind that I would not like to stay as an examiner for longer than a year if I accept.
So here's my dilemma: Leave a job I'm miserable in to join the USPTO. Still look for a new job in the meantime after starting at the USPTO. Pay in my offer is higher (~$3K more) than what I make now. Hopefully I will find a new job in early 2022. Worst case scenario is I am equally miserable as an examiner, can't find a new job, and I get canned during my first year.
or I can gut it out at my current gig until I get a job offer that I am excited about.
Here's my main concern: I don't want me jumping ship so soon in my examiner career or having poor reviews by my SPE etc. to tarnish my chances at a future IP job. Especially when it comes to a federal govt job since I know they always check to see if you have been a past federal employee and can maybe see performance records.
Sorry if this is long winded but my tentative job offer says I need to respond soon. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.09 04:34 Informal-Landscape81 Ixswap

In this project for a long time. I like everything. Very interesting and promising project. I am glad that there is such an opportunity to participate in it.https://ixswap.io/
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2021.12.09 04:34 HoneyWest More Than 496,000 Bed Rails Recalled After 2 Deaths

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2021.12.09 04:34 MiniAphrodite Doing comms!

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2021.12.09 04:34 thijs425 Forced

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2021.12.09 04:34 PineAppLeXMile Looking for 90 pirlo

DM for offers
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2021.12.09 04:34 dark_carl what game was the hardest game that you uninstalled?

sorry for my english in advance, what is the harder game that you uninstall for whatever reason, because i just uninstall skyrim because i didnt had more hdd space for other games so i had to uninstall it but it was hard, i almost didnt played much but is it my favorite game and that feeling of abandoning it was hard, on the other hand stardew valley was the easiest to uninstall because i thought it was a chill game but, knowing what can you do to your children in game was a bit creepy
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2021.12.09 04:34 Raneman28 Egg surprise. I’ll take it.

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2021.12.09 04:34 Tis_known_dude How long should i paise BPO until i can go into the sun again?

Going on vacation next week, just started using BPO+Clindamycin, i wonder how long i have to pause it to go into the sun again? Are 1-2 days enough? I can‘t find anything about that
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2021.12.09 04:34 Rameshbhai0 Yellow Blocks

Who’s else is waiting for the official launch of the Crossing the Yellow Blocks? This docuseries is another way to bring crypto one step closer to mainstream and mass adoption
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2021.12.09 04:34 techsucker AMD Introduces Its MI200 Series GPUs: An Exascale-Class GPU Accelerators For Deep Learning

Scientific endeavors such as weather forecasting, climate modeling, analyzing new energy sources, drug discovery, training AIs, or running any form of large-scale simulation require a massive amount of computational power. The next big step in High-Performance Computing (HPC) field is exascale computing, having a computational power of 10^18 FLOPS(Floating Point Operations per Second).
Keeping the above goals in mind, AMD has recently introduced its MI200 server accelerator series Instinct MI250x and MI250 GPUs, which outperform AMD’s previous Instinct MI100 by a considerable margin and competes with Nvidia’s A100 GPUs. The Instinct MI 200 GPUs are based on AMD’s latest CDNA-2 architecture which provides 880 matrix cores and new FP64 Matrix operations supporting a wide range of HPC and AI applications.
Access: https://www.amd.com/en/events/data-center
Quick Read: https://www.marktechpost.com/2021/12/08/amd-introduces-its-mi200-series-gpus-an-exascale-class-gpu-accelerators-for-deep-learning/
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2021.12.09 04:34 goddessgirl43 Empathy Magic

Any ideas on how I can write about empathy magic? If not, are there any good examples besides Life is Strange: True Colors?
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2021.12.09 04:34 summerofevidence One for the parents

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2021.12.09 04:34 Maliwagi Thinking of buying DMC V on Steam, will my poor lappy run it?

I have a 2gb vram gtx 940mx in this laptop, 8gb of ram ddr4 and an intel core i5 cpu 2.5ghz 7200U
Some sites said I don't even have the minimum specs to run it, but I just wanted to make sure. Maybe in the lowest settings I can get some solid FPS? Really hoping for advice, want to buy it while it's on sale :P
Upgrading sadly is not a possibility currently.
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2021.12.09 04:34 Amvhub_Official The Other Side

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2021.12.09 04:34 throwawayra123x Girlfriend has another Instagram account I wasn't aware of

Summary: I found girlfriend second account on Instagram and she is mad about it, even if it's a public one and she is ignoring me.
My girlfriend, late 20s, has another Instagram account I didn't know of.
She kept saying she wasn't in social media and stuff. The Instagram account she has she just follows some people she knows in real life, or some people who draw. She doesn't post anything, even her profile picture is blank.
My phone was charging so I asked to use hers and while I was using, some notifications popped on the screen about Instagram which I found odd. It said that someone liked her picture.
Didn't had a good feeling and when I clicked on it, I saw there was another Instagram page I wasn't aware of.
She posts drawings, some photography and seems sharing what she is reading, or watching. It's a public profile and have some random followers. She doesn't post pictures of herself. No one she knows apparently. The people she follows seem to be mainly artists, or cooking stuff, mangas and stuff like that.
She is into that.
I don't understand the meaning of hiding it, especially from me.
I asked her and she was furious that I looked at her Instagram profile. And I said that it was a public one, so why she is getting mad?
I thought that she might be using to chat with other people or God knows what else but that's not been the case. I did check her messages, just some people who liked her drawings.
She responded that it's not nice.
And I asked her why. She just says that it's her world and I should have been outside of it.
And I told her it's a public one, what's wrong with that? She then goes off.
And she is being distant since then. How can this happen. Over social media?
I do keep checking her public Instagram and I followed her but she removed me from following. She didn't block me.
She keeps posting about what she is reading, some new drawings and stuff and she keeps ignoring me.
Yes, we are both in our late twenties. I know she is behaving like a child.
What can I do?
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2021.12.09 04:34 1-800-kill-a-bish Should I tell my friend they aren't nonbinary

My friend has a username called "that_nonbinary_girl" meaning that they clearly think of themselves as a girl right? There has also been many many more situations where they have called themselves a girl without thinking about it. I want to tell them but I feel like it would ruin our friendship as they are rlly stubborn. So should I tell them or let them figure it out? I am not homaphobic, I just don't like when people pretend like they are apart of the lgbtq+ community to fit in.
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2021.12.09 04:34 Few_Yogurtcloset2861 hmmm

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2021.12.09 04:34 TheLittleSubmissive Is my dentist scamming me?

20yo female here.
Over a month ago, I had some X-rays done and the dentist found about 10-15 cavities, maybe more. He didn’t tell me the exact number but said there was a lot.
Three weeks ago, I had 6 cavities filled. Now, I’m still dealing with sensitivity for 2-3 of the teeth that were filled. It hurts to bite down, it’s sensitive to cold, and I can’t even floss because of the pain. I had NO pain or sensitivity before the cavities were filled.
My dentist also mentioned that the rest of my cavities were very small which makes me wonder if they even need to be filled.
I’ve had cavities in the past but NEVER this many. I sometimes eat sugary foods but don’t smoke or drink. With each visit I usually have one or two cavities. I missed one cleaning and suddenly have 10-15 cavities even though I brush and floss my teeth.
Should I switch to a different dentist and get a second opinion?
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2021.12.09 04:34 Bohakrista98 373479033337 Reshiram on me

373479033337 Reshiram on me
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2021.12.09 04:34 aksjsqod Women not being able to get abortions is pay back for their sins

I think it will be funny as hell knowing all these whore women will die cause they need to get a baby ripped out of them cause they were too busy whoring around. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson in hell. Stupid bitches deserve this form of punishment. Women are responsible for nearly all problems on earth. Women in fact created the patriarchy that they so hate. So have fun with your clothes hangers ladies and don’t let the fetus hit ya on the way to hell!
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2021.12.09 04:34 Cheesytoast145 your opinion on tsareena

as tsareena came today-
View Poll
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2021.12.09 04:34 Glittering_Cancel_34 Lynarita Naked Show Nipple in Bathroom !!!

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