Quebec wants to fire unvaxxed health care staff, replace them with novices: Alexa Lavoie

2021.10.28 01:21 PLUTO_HAS_COME_BACK Quebec wants to fire unvaxxed health care staff, replace them with novices: Alexa Lavoie

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2021.10.28 01:21 D24A2 I kind of feel like we aren’t getting the full truth about top dasher.

You seem to have two extremes. Those who say it’s a world of difference and those who say it does nothing.
I feel like the ones who are gaming the system to get it are doing well with it all month but just don’t want to say so because they don’t want others stealing their action. So you don’t have anyone affirming it’s good to have.
I feel like those who say it’s useless have never tried seriously getting and using it. So they don’t really have an informed opinion.
That’s just my intuition here.
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2021.10.28 01:21 _Bdoodles ACNH/ Fallout Crossover

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2021.10.28 01:21 dmzo610 Anxiety is returning

I started Zoloft 50 mg back in April (so it’s been about 10 months now) and it worked great for my depression and anxiety. However, recently I’ve been feeling anxious ALL the time. I’m constantly worried for no apparent reason. I’m not sad or depressed, just anxious and tense. It’s so exhausting. Has anyone had this experience before? Is the Zoloft not working anymore? Do I need to increase my dose?
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2021.10.28 01:21 Acrobatic_Net9862 Learning Apps for Pre K/ Kinder

I have a 4.5 year old in JR K in Silicon Valley and he is being taught stuff he already know. Id like to find a complimentary app or website to go along with ABC Mouse. Do you have any recommendations? Anyone have experience with Reading Eggs?
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2021.10.28 01:21 TheLastFallenArtist Where do I go from here? (Reposted from advice)

I don't even know where to begin. Maybe this isn't the place for this, and if it is not, then I am sorry. For the past year, my health has gone to absolute crap. Between my anxiety and depression, things have been so hard, but I always tried to push through it all. Medically it is too hard for me to keep any kind of real job. So far this year alone I have been hospitalized 7 times, each time a week or more. I have managed for a short period to be able to pay bills and barely make it through by doing some art stuff. Well until the last two or three months. For a while, it has been two options, keeping a roof over my head, or medication to keep me moving and out of the hospital. The problem is this month everything crashed down on me. Medication changes, bad depressive sleeping issues, and just no will to keep fighting. I have no way to pay bills or keep anything going to even try at this point. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for this month's end result. I already know how it is going to end simply because there just is no way for me to make this work anymore. So many people keep telling me things to try and I have honestly tried it all to the best of my ability. I just do not have any idea what to do or where to go at this point anymore. Mentally I am just finished with all of it and just can not physically fight, or mentally handle any of it anymore. What is left for me? Or where do I go from here?
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2021.10.28 01:21 you_cant_pause_toast 40yr olds & over, what songs are on your mix tape?

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2021.10.28 01:21 real-human-not-a-bot What do the Roman soldiers chant in “History of the World, Part I”?

When the Roman soldiers are matching through Rome searching for the protagonists (at around 41 minutes in), what is that they’re chanting? From context, I can guess that it’s probably at least mostly Yiddish (because that’s a common Mel Brooks joke), but I don’t know what they’re actually saying or what it means. My best phonetic translation of the relevant phrases is “key facha da hoba da left, key facha da hoba da right, key facha da hoba da facha da hoba da facha da hoba da, that’s right”, but that’s self-evidently nonsense. Googling “what do the Roman soldiers chant history of the world part 1” turned up no relevant results, at least that I could tell, and my phonetic translation fared no better. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I didn’t know if a spoiler tag was appropriate, so I put one to be safe. Feel free to remove it if not, mods.
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2021.10.28 01:21 Seven_Suns7 Sooo i have been re-watching the Riddick movies a little and this came out of it

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2021.10.28 01:21 DTownForever You have to defend yourself from a murderer with the object closest to your right hand. How are you going to do?

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2021.10.28 01:21 MurkyCheetah9496 Remote entry level job reality?

I’m looking for a career switch from a well known corporate design role to a UX role at a startup. The plan is to do a boot camp and try to get a job but it would have to be remote. Are good entry level remote gigs (with no experience in this industry) hard to get these days?
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2021.10.28 01:21 Exact_Bar5084 Future plans

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2021.10.28 01:21 loozerr WarOwl getting demonetized next month

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2021.10.28 01:21 missingsomethn Only 4 games in I know, but right now D. Fox sucks balls!

Is he hurt, a slow start to season, or should we trade his ass now before he hurts us anymore. Straight up trade for Ben Simmons sounds good right now.
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2021.10.28 01:21 darrylsarchive Miami Beach - Oceanfront

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2021.10.28 01:21 Supergupo Fae: Childlike Dragon Stat Predictions

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2021.10.28 01:21 Its-Spectral Roasted by some indoor shoes

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2021.10.28 01:21 rps215 [Highlight] Devin Booker gets Harrison Barnes in the air and makes a clutch shot

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IF YOU CANT BUY SAITAMA NOW COZ OF GAS FEES OR YOU JUST DONT KNOW HOW. Then wait for SAITAMASK ITLL BE A LOT EASIER. 🚀 submitted by Individual-Ad6888 to SaitamaInu_Official [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:21 Ownflow [USA-CA] [H]BNIB Saphire RX 6600 [W] Paypal

Card is brand new in box. This is the non XT card. 510$ shipped.
Please leave a comment before PM.
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2021.10.28 01:21 Buford_Burger Need some info!

I’ve known about Tartaria for quite some time but I haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty and don’t any substantial research. Does anyone know GOOD YouTube channels that I can tolerate listening to for more than 10 minutes? Any literature or telegram chats would be helpful as well.
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2021.10.28 01:21 Legendary_ACR Opening Pokemon Celebrations Packs And More In Pokemon TCG Online

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2021.10.28 01:21 Successful_Athlete38 Are any Chevrolet dealers in the country NOT marking up a new Z06 above MSRP?

Hi All- the new Z06 is the first Corvette of any kind that has ever intrigued me. Of course, with the chip shortage, new model out, etc. etc. I understand that this will be a hard to get car for a long while. Are there any dealers out there that sell these at MSRP only? I don't mind waiting 2-3 years to get my hands on an allocation (I want to order one), but I refuse to pay a massive "market adjustment". I currently drive a 911 GT3 so I'm okay being patient and enjoying what I have.
Would love to hear your thoughts...I don't mind putting a $5K deposit down for an allocation that's 2-3 years away, provided I would get to order it at MSRP.
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2021.10.28 01:21 LeakyToilet15 Crypto payment system

I have been working on a payment system that uses crypto to make payments to vendors instead of using cash or credit. This system isn't like others out there where you sell some crypto that you own for the cash value of your purchase, no. This system settles the transaction using cryptocurrency.
My question to the general public is, would you use something like this for a small fee?
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2021.10.28 01:21 HeckingDink23 Anyone trying to get the Carpool Achievment tonight?

Add me NippleJabber9000 on steam if you're interested.
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