Why does Mike care so much about retro games?

2021.10.28 02:16 TotallyTerifficPants Why does Mike care so much about retro games?

I mean who doesn't like older games but his obsession is something else.
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2021.10.28 02:16 Andrewisacutie_ madden ps5 regs (6/32)

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2021.10.28 02:16 sgt_fresh IL-2 1946 FIRE OVER SICILY 4 MISSION X

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2021.10.28 02:16 Independent-Face1201 !!!

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2021.10.28 02:16 certifiedretard154 Oh no, I just killed Winnie the Pooh

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2021.10.28 02:16 youareyou123 20M bored before school DM me and let's chat a bit

We can talk about anything
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2021.10.28 02:16 BlankVerse Ted Cruz Defends Parents Doing Nazi Salutes at School Board Meetings

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2021.10.28 02:16 RandomGgames Suggestion for the subreddit:

Would be nice if there were flairs to categorize configs, such as help, crazy, natural, feedback_wanted, tutorial, etc.
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2021.10.28 02:16 CaptainHahn This morning’s storm (Adelaide)

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2021.10.28 02:16 Enharmoni Just bought a new gpu, is there anything that I should upgrade to match it?

Just got a 3080ti and was wondering if any of my other parts are up to par with it. I use my PC mostly for 4K video editing, music production and 1440p gaming.
Current build rn:
B450 Tomahawk RTX 3080ti FE Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair RM850x Phanteks Eclipse P300
Using 1 stock fan from the case and stock Ryzen cooler
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2021.10.28 02:16 RyleyHerzfeld [LF] Ellie or Nan [FT] 500,000 Bells or 10 NMT

Open to negotiate
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2021.10.28 02:16 YourBoiJimmy Just got prescribed, too nervous to start trying. Need advice/stories

Hello everyone, so I was prescribed Zoloft just last week. I had the worst year of my life, and around April it was just hard to function. I felt way too anxious to go out, I had constant headaches and felt lightheaded. I suffered panic attacks, and felt depersonalized. In July I started seeing a therapist and have been doing CBT therapy. I'm doing better recently, I think I have more control over my anxiety at least and I'm starting to leave the house little by little again but, it is stressful because I haven't done it in awhile. Right now at least I can do a little more, like take a walk in my neighborhood or try driving for a few minutes but I'm still too anxious to get in the car and drive myself 10 minutes away to a store. It’s something I can see myself doing with another month or so of exposure but, I was told to try meds to try to speed this process up.
I was prescribed this to hopefully make myself more functionable again and also control my occasionally very bad OCD. I'm honestly a little too nervous to try this though. My depersonalization and headaches have gone away I think which is nice but, I don't want to experience them again because that shit made me so anxious, and I hear this drug might do that. I just hate that light headed feeling as it can trigger my panic attacks. Also, is this drug safe? I've read frightening stories about "serotonin syndrome" that led people to the hospital and stories of mixing this drug with certain things that made them feel horrible. Although, I would not be mixing this drug with anything and this is probably my anxiety talking, just wanting to know if it's safe. I’m very conflicted if I should take this, and would love to hear people's stories!
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2021.10.28 02:16 SirSearls One of my guinea pigs Hazel has a wierd bump on he skin, near her butt. Shes 2 years old and pretty fat, but overall a healthy piggy, anyone know what this is?

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2021.10.28 02:16 The_Noah_Blitz Daily deWolf meme #38

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2021.10.28 02:16 Appropriate_Stay_125 Ui overpayment need help now!

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2021.10.28 02:16 yung-estrogen I'm fairly certain I've met the devil

To start whether you believe me or not, or think that this is something else is up to you. I can't really prove anything physically atm because nothing has happened physically that I can easily document, so I don't blame you if you call bullshit. I was also completely sober during this entire experience and had been for a about two weeks prior.
Alright strap in cause this is gonna be a long post.
So I've pretty much always been a sceptic but acknowledged that there may be some truth to paranormal encounters, what I was less likely to believe and I want I find insane is the concept that higher powers and entities exist until I found out.
Idiocy/how it happened:
So it started when I actually summoned the devil into my home accidentally. This was last year I think when I was in some kind of weird uncaring and fuck everyone mood and I'd basically go home and annoy the neighbours by loudly playing and rapping/singing over the songs that talked about demonic worship and shit. The mistake I made was that I actually like almost signed contracts in my head to Satan and shit and was basically really asking for him to come(yeah I'm a fucking idiot I know) and what do you know, he turns up.
Now for context a few weeks prior to me being an asshole and playing loud music and shit, I had this morbid edgy wish that the world would be destroyed in an apocalypse with like severe storms and other shit that would just annihilate the entire planet basically. The reason I wished for this is because I tend to think a lot about the shittiness of humanity and believed it would be the best option(maybe it is idk). Anyway, so having that wish combined with me basically begging the devil to come into my house, shit started getting weird shortly after that.
When the weird shit started:
I can't remember what the first instance of activity was but I remember some of the "attacks" or scare tactic type things he began using on me shortly after weird shit started happening in my house. Basically, there would be a whole lot of house noise that was clearly abnormal because it's was following a deliberate pattern of movement, and the fact that we don't have anyone upstairs because where on the highest floor. Anyway, so the noise was like something moving across the ceiling rapidly, in a pretty annoyed manner(loud cracks and pops that followed the pattern of movement). So this happened for a bit until he entered my room. The first instance of him entering my room was an obvious knock on my door in the middle of the night followed by similar noise from before in my room. It felt as if his presence was moving in a U shape in the ceiling watching me and tormenting me. I was scared as fuck, but I'd read a lot of "true" scary stories and shit that involved paranormal things and roughly assumed it was demon but at this point I was unsure. Shortly after he entered my room the blind started swinging when my window was shut and even if it was cause by a breeze it continues swinging in a very deliberate pattern that didn't stop until a few minutes past. At this point I was like well shit I'm gonna have to fight this thing in order to get rid of it but I can't hit it so I had to figure out a way to do it mentally.
Fight with Satan:
So I have a religious mate who believes in God and I know in their practices they use something like divine light or something as protection. I(at the time) was not a believer in God and even if I was I didn't follow the religion so I knew that wouldn't help me, I was alone in this and I had to find a way to deal with it. I imagined a barrier between me, my family and this thing that would protect us from it. I tried to think positive of like love and warmth and shit and it actually started working as the activity subsided a bit. I also remember thinking of getting a shorty and like blowing this things face off and other doom related shit to try keep it at bay and I'm pretty sure that might've worked a bit as well. Anyway, eventually my will got tired and I didn't have the energy to try fight anymore so I didn't, and eventually I just kind of stopped giving a shit about the noises and stuff and just went to sleep. These "attacks" I think went on for like a few days before the second event happened.
The meth head:
Me and my mates were planning on doing a night out and getting drinks etc, which went to shit. Long story short we all went home and me and some friends were gonna go back home on the bus at like midnight. Anyway we got the bus got off where we were meant to and then got some food from KFC cause I was hungry as fuck. After that is where the first most stupidest mistake would take place. To be blunt one of my friends is a fucking retard sometimes and this fool is like "oh yeah, let's walk down this dark alley to get home cause it's quicker." I already sketched the fuck out but decide to go with them anyway. Now as we got a bit further down this alley and we pass this car. We continue a bit further down to this really dark spot and a few metres in front we hear this fuck wit yell like some shit about his car like obviously paranoid we'd robbed him or some shit. This is where shit got terrifying, the guy yelling from the darkness suddenly starts a motorbike out of nowhere and I'm thinking like "man I'm dead" nah lol was really fucked. But yeah, I remember thinking like fuck we could die and I was thinking about how I would protect my friends which I was really proud of myself for thinking in a really bad situation. Like I put them before me. Anyway we ran and the cunt passed us on his bike and said some shit like "it's alright bro, it's alright" like yeah fuck off mate you just scared that shit out of three teenagers who didn't do shit to you and made me piss my pants, fuck off(didn't say that of course). Anyway so we all walk to the train station and then I stupidly decide to walk home instead of calling for lift.
Meth head pt 2:
So I'm walking home and I hear the dreaded angry revving of the bike in the distance as I hear it getting closer to me. I quickly run down this street I actually new because I was in the area of my old house. So I run down this street while hearing this bike like scouring the surrounding areas presumably looking for me. At this point I have in my head that if this guy finds me, I'm dead. I hide in someone front yard behind their car and just wait as I can here the bike going around the area like pretty damn close to where I am, and I'm just there like shitting myself, though not really showing it because I was focused on not dying. So he circles hear it going around the area I'm in and decide to call and uber home because I realise I'm never gonna make it by walking at this point. This is where the situation got extra stressful. My phone happened to be on 1 fucking percent at the time and I quickly ordered the ride home and prayed that my phone wouldn't die. The good news was the car ride came and my phone didn't die and I made it home safe. I makes sure to thank the driver cause he probs saved my ass. At that point I just got home, got inside, told what happened and then just broke down crying. The fucked up part was I could still hear the bike that now somehow came into the area of my house which kept me up a long time that night.
The attacking of my cat:
I'll keep this one really short, but one day I believe that Satan actually attacked my cat twice. So basically what happened is my cat did this weird jump thing with her front legs twice like she was being pushed up my something with some decent force. Now my cat has seizures fairly frequently but never have I once seen her have that reaction while having a seizure, nor do I think It would be possible for her to move like that on her own. After this happened my cat also looked really scared and like she just saw or experienced something pretty terrifying. This was at a time when my communications with this thing started. After this event I told him that if he ever hurt my cat again, brought harm to family or destroyed things in my house, that I would find a way to destroy him and I would not stop coming for him.
Insane shit, and communication:
This is where stuff got really fucked. This actually happened on the same day as my cat being attacked like in the afternoon and I remember coming home and this is where the communication began. Basically I asked if something was there and this message icon flashed on my phone when there was no message attached to it. It flashed a few times I think in response to a few questions I had and this is where I went off into my room to speak properly with this thing. The way this thing communicated was weird so it basically operated under this one way telepathy model where it would be able to hear my thoughts but it would talk to me by forming clear syllables and sentences on the walls of my room through sound(house clicks and pops etc like I mentioned before that was unmistakably deliberate). I remember assuming this was Satan at this point and I asked if my sins were forgivable and he either answered maybe or didn't answer. He also answered some other questions and stuff I had and it was just like talking to a normal person pretty much. Anyway this is where shit went from 0 to 100. It began with me seeing bats that materialising seemingly out of nowhere during the afternoon out my window and then seeing birds straining heavily in the wind. Pretty soon after this I saw some massive writing in the sky that read "Yooooooooo!" I kid you not. In the distance I also saw this like hellish red sky that was forming in the distance and strikes of lighting as I realised my wish was coming true. I asked if I could take it back and I think he either said maybe or had no response and this is where I started to believe that I had just doomed everyone in the entire world.
Insane shit pt 2:
Around the beginning of the crazy stuff happening I also realised my phone was being manipulated and was displaying notifications that would otherwise have no reason to exist and also some notifications that just straight up didn't exist on this phone. Anyway, so after I realised I just caused the fucking apocalypse I heard this really loud banging on the roof above my head that continues until I understood what it meant. The reason it happened was because he was basically saying like "you wanted this so come outside and watch it." Anyway, I step outside and watch the skies of hell approach as the lighting and shit continues and then I clear as day see a skull appear in the clouds that passes by, like absolutely no mistaking it. This is when I started to realise what I did and was only really thinking about my friends and family during that moment. I remember being like "strike me down for my stupid wish, I'll pay for what I did but please let them go." But of course it didn't end there. Now at this point I was just like "fuck it, what if I just jump off this balcony and end my shit," but before that thought was the thought to hug my mum. Now as I was contemplating suicide I saw this flash of lightning in the sky that said "do it" in my head. I asked if it meant suicide and it just said "do it" again. I thought back onto my first thought about hugging my mum and realised this is what he meant(hopefully) and so I want inside and hugged her. Now it's worth mentioning that at this point in time I was an asshole to my mum and not being the person I could and should've been to her.
Insane shit pt 3:
After going inside and hugging my mum I think I went into my room and kept getting this notification on my phone that kept spamming an Instagram notification from my friend. I took it as sign that Satan was trying to tell me that I should answer that message cause my friends and good guy and shit and it's just a nice thing to do so I did. I also got spammed another notification that was from my mum about therapy(I had depression and struggle with anxiety). I had a look at that to and ended up doing it for like a month after. I went to sit on the couch and just be with my mum to try clam myself down and I think I tried explaining what was happening to her but she wasnt of any help and just thought I was having a psychotic break from doing acid for the first time a few weeks prior(maybe she was right idk). It's important to not that I was completely sober when this happened and I had been for at least two weeks. After this I began hearing that fucking bike circling the apartment and in that moment I understood what hell was. Hell for me was that guy circling around the apartment on his bike to where he would eventually find and kill me while the world was ending and I was in my house with my mum. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and all of the sudden the tv starts informing me of what's happening accross the world due to my wish. The headlines and stories were actually ridiculous looking back on it now but it sacred the shit out of me because the tv was playing on my thoughts(thought of needles, heard needles mentioned on the tv immediately after). At one point the tv displayed text which said "uphold the right" with this weird like old style police symbol, I responded by saying "change or pay" the tv then responded by saying "respect" and the experience just ended from there.
Events aftepresent:
Immediately after the insane experience happened, I was gonna text my religious mate about everything that just happened and how I believe in higher power now and shit but as soon as I mentioned the name Satan on my phone I heard this classically demonic voice say "what?" outside my window in an Australian accent(I'm from Aus) before a here this massive bang on my window like someone had just punched it. After that I noticed my social media apps were gone from my phone where they were before. After that my phone was fucked with a bit that night until I put my foot down and said that he was now not allowed to do shit with my phone and my phone worked fine after that with little interference. I also heard unmistakable scratching sounds on the roof and continued to hear them on the walls at my dads for a bit as well until the activity all became fine and like non threatening after a while.
I have since had conversations with Satan and he is still with me today and will make sounds in my room and shit, mostly telling me to "shut up" and "go to sleep" lol, fucken dickhead. Yeah but all in all he is not bad in his intentions imo and I'm fine with having him around with me for the rest of my life so long as he does not interfere with it and he hasn't. It's also worth noting that after I told him to not hurt my cat again, he never did and he never hurt my family as well, so I have alot of respect for his honour.
But yeah all in all a very strange, terrifying, life changing experience.
I now pretty much whole heartedly believe the paranormal exists and realise there is a lot about this world that we just don't know.
Tldr: I met Satan.
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2021.10.28 02:16 indiewolf117 [Japanese > English] This is a super indie japanese song that I found but there's no written lyrics anywhere whether in romanji or Kanji (it's that small) I just want to know the gist of the song :<

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2021.10.28 02:16 KyranReincarnated the only thing i can think about is that bro calling duke “dukey” you UK niggas will never recover

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2021.10.28 02:16 Anzility What to use the book of building when i get to th9.

Hello, im a max th8 going to th9 and have a book of building but not sure in what to use it. I thought about using it on the th9 to get it to 9, army camp,labs or spell factorh but never came to a conclusion
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2021.10.28 02:16 TheStoicRogue Andy just left me a Vipermagi. Ohh boy. All res 28/MDR 9

Would you like to own this serpents skin? Let me know what you're willing to trade. The only thing I'm specifically looking for is an fcr 10/str 10+ ring, but otherwise I'm open to all offers.
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2021.10.28 02:16 bhadfroggy costumes lol

not to sound like a freshman but if i wear my “costume” (it’s legit a headband w dog ears on it) will i look out of place tm?
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2021.10.28 02:16 CelfCriticalChloe Packaging Help

I've tried to package this asset pack several times and I'm running into some frustration... ironically it all worked the first time I packaged it but for some reason tagging wasn't so thought I'd just do that and repackage it.... now for what ever reason It crashes on the lights every single time, to make this even more odd if I remove the lights, it wont even start loading the pack. I even set everything back to exactly as I had it, as I made a copy of my tags file before I made the changes, and it does the exact same thing now. Why does it keep failing at the same part, and does anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.10.28 02:16 danklucio69 TTACKER and Starlight Gaming have mutually parted ways

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2021.10.28 02:16 fatflaver Help me delete league

I hate this game but I can't stop playing it. I need something else to play. Something more chill, less rage inducing. No shooters please. Any recommendations?
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2021.10.28 02:16 Time_Speaker4934 How To Make A PUBG Live Stream App?

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