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My husband has ruined my life as well as my childrens'

2021.10.28 00:58 throwrq152524254242 My husband has ruined my life as well as my childrens'

When we first met 10 years ago, he came off as very sweet and kind. We got married 7 years ago and have had 4 kids. Right around the third kid was when his demeanor changed. He got lazy and expected me to do all of the house chores while simultaneously holding a job because he claims his work is busy. I had to work from home since he won't watch the kids and had to juggle all of it plus leave home to bring my husband lunch (when he can't be bothered to pick up lunch at his workplace). It was exhausting. I told him many times he needs to help out but he calls me a bitch and that me and the kids should be grateful we live in the house. He also pressures me into sex at least every other day even when I don't feel like it
2 weeks ago, I decided to plan a nice vacation to see my friend and take the kids. When I told him this, he yelled and told me that our place was here and not with my friend. When I told him that I needed a break, he slapped me hard and then tried to choke me. I had to stab him in the shoulder (thankfully, i was near the kitchen when this happened) for him to let me go. He then just went out and hasn't been back since. I called the police to file a report but the police could not find him.
His parents are the only ones that seem to know where he is and they told me to never contact him again and won't tell any of us where he is. They actually got arrested when they not only refused to give the police information but tried attacking them as well and resisting arrest.
On the one hand, I'm relieved I don't have to put up with him but on the other hand, I'm in so much guilt for how much he put me and the kids through hell. Maybe this is just me ranting and not really asking for advice but please tell me things will get better because at the moment, it doesn't look that way.
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2021.10.28 00:58 Tresor7 Genix & Zashanell - All I Want

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2021.10.28 00:58 Sad-Soundcloud ๐ฟ๐’พ๐“' ๐‘…๐‘œ๐’ธ๐“€๐‘’๐“‰๐“‚๐’ถ๐“ƒ - HOL' UP w/ H X 7

๐ฟ๐’พ๐“' ๐‘…๐‘œ๐’ธ๐“€๐‘’๐“‰๐“‚๐’ถ๐“ƒ - HOL' UP w/ H X 7 submitted by Sad-Soundcloud to FutureMusic [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 00:58 DeadpoolXR17 Headless rider Stu

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2021.10.28 00:58 ohlovevu So so so stressed

Iโ€™ve never been so stressed in my life. I am in my second year placement as a nursing student. I suffer from GAD which is just getting worse. I have an ovary cyst the size of lemon thatโ€™s cause so much discomfort and trouble with my cycle. Iโ€™m unable to work because Iโ€™m on placement and all the jobs I apply for arenโ€™t as flexible as they lead on in their advert and my rent is due and I havenโ€™t paid bills in the last two months. I just keep to myself but Iโ€™m very overwhelmed and donโ€™t know if this is worth it in the end. Iโ€™m very depressed.
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2021.10.28 00:58 Thefunincaifun Man charged after he allegedly splashed hot water on woman in MBS hotel room

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2021.10.28 00:58 NorthsideCollegiate #Throwback Latin Dragons folkks DRockk X 2vz " Action Movie" ๐Ÿ‰

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2021.10.28 00:58 SubstanceFlashy9734 What do you think would be the reaction if a group like the mothers were around today?

I think it would be funny as hell
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2021.10.28 00:58 CoffeeandTV Quick reminder that we have a Discord and it is just swell.

Come say hi, chat all the garlicky folks.
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2021.10.28 00:58 CommercialSir2921 150โ€“156โ€“156

Hey yโ€™all I took this test three times and thought my practice is a huge improvement (average 165) I still show little progress with my most recent score :/ Iโ€™ve been in tears literally all day over this - could use some advice or just encouragement ๐Ÿ˜”
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2021.10.28 00:58 LazorBlind Ease tell me nobody is dumb enough to think the Flash LED on your phone is capable of projecting your screen...

Ease tell me nobody is dumb enough to think the Flash LED on your phone is capable of projecting your screen... submitted by LazorBlind to quityourbullshit [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 00:58 andymannoh Good Android phone for average price

Hey all, I'm looking for a good Android phone for around 300 bucks or so. Any suggestions? Or suggest another place to post this question. I'm in Canada and I'd like it to be unlocked (available for any provider)
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.28 00:58 AusMusicChamp im thinkin this is hyperpop meets halloween meets big euro festival

make sense or nah?
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2021.10.28 00:58 FridayUnited Trading regionals the first weekend in November?

Hey all!
Visiting San Diego the first two weeks of November and wanted to grab some regionals I'm missing.
Got a bunch from a trip to Scotland a couple years ago.
Mime Jr Mr mime Pansear Chatote Heracross Durant Farfetchd Volbeat Lunatone Ksangashkan Azelf/mespirit/uxie
Looking for... Corsola Maractus Pansage Pachurisu Relicanth Klefki
Let me know if you're interested in trading!
4549 1847 5265 is mt trainer code.
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2021.10.28 00:58 northshoresurf7 some levity ..

looking for suggestion an how to have that last conversation.
was going to go with: "go with good karma, i wish you well. goodbye"
too much james bond?
how about: "my dear, i will miss you in heaven ... laughs manically and walk out of the court with an exaggerated quasimodo gait"
this one: "the pages of yesterday are written, the pages of today are blank and you have the pen"
this: "you did destroy that porn right?"
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2021.10.28 00:58 zwiqy Too cute, must follow!

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2021.10.28 00:58 ukmale1982 38 [M4F] UK looking to chat

Hi Iโ€™m a 38 year old guy I am looking for women to chat with I am kind caring and easygoing AndI have strong morals and values I live by and standards and no Iโ€™m not religious I am also quite a sensitive guy so I would ideally like a woman thatโ€™s sensitive too
Any women in their 20s please message me I would like to hear from you especially
I enjoy gym walking swimming being active travel photography
Iโ€™m 6ft 4 1.94m tall and good build dark blonde hair and hazel eyes
I am quite lonely to be honest could do with some new people to chat with please get in touch 20+ only please
Iโ€™m one of these guys that believes in being with one woman in life only as of yet Iโ€™ve not had a serious relationship and Iโ€™ve never been married no kids I am what you would call a high quality man I believe in marriage and the value of marriage
I would especially like to hear from any women that are of the mindset of being with one man in a committed loving relationship I also really like feminine women Iโ€™m very attracted to feminine women
I donโ€™t do drugs never have I donโ€™t smoke I donโ€™t eat too much crap food and I donโ€™t drink heavily and I donโ€™t do anything meaningless at all I have never slept around and i never would do a one night stand. Iโ€™m not interested in experimenting sexually with anything
I work from home and I am very family orientated
I am also not into and donโ€™t like porn I have never been addicted to it and donโ€™t like it at all and have never watched it
Iโ€™m not interested in dating multiple women and Iโ€™m not interested in having relationships with different women either I just want one and only believe in being with one
So if your a quality woman looking for a quality guy please message me
I also do not like tattoos especially on women and I like women that dress modestly too
I am not into dating apps or social media at all I believe dating apps have ruined relationships and dating in general. Iโ€™m seeking a woman I can get to know as friends first and take our time and get to know each other that way and Iโ€™m not into talking to multiple women at the same time Either
However if your a shallow person and go on someoneโ€™s looks then Im not interested I am fed up of shallow people and superficial people Iโ€™m not superficial
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2021.10.28 00:58 rundown9 Flop Back Better: Meager turnout marks second day of Hunter Bidenโ€™s NYC art show - A mere three potential buyers looked over Hunter Bidenโ€™s pricey paintings during Day 2 of his New York City show on Sunday

Flop Back Better: Meager turnout marks second day of Hunter Bidenโ€™s NYC art show - A mere three potential buyers looked over Hunter Bidenโ€™s pricey paintings during Day 2 of his New York City show on Sunday submitted by rundown9 to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 00:58 CinnamonHorny Do you like cinnamon skin?

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2021.10.28 00:58 Helix_MF These images tell a nice little story of the hardcore world i was excited for...

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2021.10.28 00:58 GratefulAnxiety these YouTube ads are ridiculous

am i crazy or have they gotten WORSE in the past few months, like cmon man I just wanna watch a video to make my depression go numb ๐Ÿ˜ก
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2021.10.28 00:58 lucas-k2 DEEP WEB ๐Ÿ”ž

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2021.10.28 00:58 jjrmich Video Idea: Ocean Currents. While the video would explain the science of why ocean currents move the way they do, it would also dive into human maritime history, and how we used these currents for trade and the voyages of the Polynesians, Columbus, and the Vikings that got to America before him

I think covering ocean current science with migrations through the history would be a very interesting video. Desertification of the Sahara Desert and the direction of sea currents isolating sub-saharan africa, how the polynesians found their way around the pacific ocean, trade in the mediterranean, how vikings made it to North America before Columbus, etc. Itโ€™s fascinating how much of human history went a certain way because of how the ocean interacts with all sorts of scientific elements.
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2021.10.28 00:58 trenchtrawler56789 u/antcaBBage I got The legendary :D

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