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Why do Americans hate communism so much?

2021.10.28 01:02 N_Wong Why do Americans hate communism so much?

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2021.10.28 01:02 astermasterdisaster Bluestacks P64 controller detect / button map issues

Hey there friends, I'm having an issue.
I tried to connect my Power A Nintendo layout controller and it doesn't detect at all (but I can still move and select things however only on the home screen at this point). I figure it's just not compatible but if there is a way to get it working please let me know as I prefer this one.
I also have an Afterglow PS3 (I think?) controller and this one actually gives the pop up prompt indicating the software recognizes it.
The issue here is when I go to the sidebar for both controllers. I select game controls however it is stuck to keyboard and will not change to controller for either of my controllers. I only have one controller plugged in at a time, and I have tried both with Steam's Big Picture and while the application is entirely closed.
Information that might help:
- AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (Eight core processor)
- 16.0 GB of ram. Virtualization is on
- Radeon RX Vega 64 (8gb dedicated)
- Windows 10, Latest Version (Including optional updates)
- AMD software version 21.10.3 (latest)
-Bluestacks 5 Version Pie 64 Beta
Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any more info to help troubleshoot this with me! I've been poking around and experimenting to see if I can get anything to work, but of course y'all are the experts lol
Thanks for your time, sorry for it being so long winded
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2021.10.28 01:02 Sensitive-Holiday814 Mi perrita

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2021.10.28 01:02 DarthMaren Was gonna play 40k with a person nearby over TTS just to see if we would be friends and he ghosted me

I'm a trans girl 7 months into my transition. To say I'm scared to go out dressed up, or even out at all is an understatement. I've been being called she/her more and more lately by strangers but at the same time now for sure I don't feel comfortable going to my local game store to play, especially if I'm clocked as trans. So I wanted to make some friends nearby and then go. I put up an ad to play Warhammer and had one guy respond to it. We talked a lot and we're planning on doing a TTS game together tonight. I messaged him saying I was almost ready he told me to message him when I was. I messaged him, an hour, still nothing.
I don't have any irl friends, I have plenty online but I want some to go out with and be able to actually use my minis lol. So it just feels bad my one attempt got so close to passing but didn't.
Feel free to remove this post if it breaks any rules, just wasn't sure where else I could post about a trans girl wanting to play Warhammer.
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2021.10.28 01:02 WoolS0cks I filmed my friend every time I picked him up.

I filmed my friend every time I picked him up. submitted by WoolS0cks to wholesome [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:02 JW3nston7 I was asked if I wanted to be cross trained as a picker...

Second week at Amazon, I work in the outbound dock, loading trailers and scanning cases for the most part. Pretty easy work. I don't mind the labor.
Today, I was approached and asked if I wanted to be trained on the OP and pick for peak season. When I first started, that's what I wanted to do since I've driven order pickers before. But, I was told by a few coworkers that outbound dock is the easiest area to work in as far as being chill and relaxed. So, I'm not so sure if I want to pick now.
Should I say where I'm at or get cross trained?
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2021.10.28 01:02 YoungCong Which Fatebringer?

* Adaptive Frame
* Fluted Barrel / Hammer-Forged Rifling
* Accurized Rounds / Tactical Mag
* Explosive Payload
* Firefly
* *Masterwork: Reload Speed*

* Adaptive Frame
* Arrowhead Brake / Corkscrew Rifling
* Tactical Mag / Steady Rounds
* Explosive Payload
* Firefly
* *Masterwork: Reload Speed *

* Adaptive Frame
* Corkscrew Rifling / Extended Barrel
* Appended Mag / Steady Rounds
* Explosive Payload
* Firefly
* *Masterwork: Stability *
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2021.10.28 01:02 Timewalk_ Like Moths To Flame - Views From Halfway Down (NEW)

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2021.10.28 01:02 Alpzepta I cannot get Dosbox ECE to run on Linux (libfluidsynth.so.1 )

Dosbox seem like I don't have libfluidsynth.so.1 installed but I see libfluidsynth.so.1 file in /uslib/ directory.
How to I fix this issue?
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2021.10.28 01:02 Longjumping-Berry-39 Levis ' s Rinnegan

Levis ' s Rinnegan
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2021.10.28 01:02 No_Wall_9395 Bhad Bhabie very sexy cute girl <3

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2021.10.28 01:02 blacklambo16 Puppy trainer

Anyone know any good dog trainers in the LA area, hollywood-los Feliz-Glendale? It’s for a 4 month old German shepherd puppy. Thanks!
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2021.10.28 01:02 kevgolmx I got the first ever “0 killer” NFT back in May. There is only 100 total and I bought the first copy by BAUrts. Should I sell it in the future 🚀🔴👀?

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2021.10.28 01:02 MarkusA7X Watcha guys think of this? Are the internals any good? E&L AK-74N essential

Watcha guys think of this? Are the internals any good? E&L AK-74N essential submitted by MarkusA7X to airsoft [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:02 Youre_Dreaming Wack Pack

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2021.10.28 01:02 JJVMT Does Vancouver English today have more in common with Seattle English or Toronto English?

As a PNW English speaker from Seattle, I grew up thinking that Vancouverites and others from British Columbia spoke basically like Seattleites, with no Canadian raising or any other traits marked as stereotypically Canadian in American media. Furthermore, I am certain I have met people from Vancouver without Canadian raising. However, I also have a very good friend from Vancouver who I understand lived there during all his formative years, and he does exhibit slight Canadian raising. He is in his early 40s.
Is a shift happening in which Vancouver speech is assimilating to a Canadian prestige standard based on urban Ontario speech?
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2021.10.28 01:02 PickleRick1001 I often hear that people in the past did not have the same ideas about sexuality that we have today. So when, where, and why did the modern conception of sexuality develop?

I saw this in the recent post about sexuality in pre-colonial Africa, and I've seen similar examples before in an extremely wide range of subjects, from ancient Rome to the Islamic middle ages. So when did our modern understanding of sexuality evolve? And how did it spread so far and wide that most of us are unfamiliar with anything other than what we know today?
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2021.10.28 01:02 ThrowRAhoco12 Does my friend(17M) only see me(17F) as a friend? Is there anyway I can change it?

So I have this friend (Chris) who I've had a crush on for a long time now. We often hangout together(mostly as a group) and talk a lot at night. I enjoy spending my time with him. But we never flirted, mainly because I dont know how to.
The reason I am posting is because what happened during and after homecoming. So our friend group was hanging out at one of our houses. Most of us are a couple, except a few, and one friend was telling us about how someone asked her to go with.
While we were on that topic, Chris sits near me and says that He wished he had someone to go with too.
I said " Its no big deal, U will find someone".
He asked me if anyone had asked me out yet and I "Lied".
He then said: Well, if u dont have anyone in particular to go with, can we go together.
I was excited and blushed hard as I said yes. Finally it was going somewhere it felt like. I wore a really pretty dress and he showed up looking great as well.
It was a fun night for all of us. But the thing is nothing actually intimate happened between us. We did dance together. But at the end we didnt even kiss, I mean we did kiss but it was on the cheeks.
Nothing much seemed to have changed between us after that. We still text late into the night and talk how we used to. So I dont know if I just misinterpreted his actions.
I dont know what to do here anymore. Can I get some help?
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2021.10.28 01:02 -Gingerk1d- What's your go-to Alpha Strike point level?

Just curious! Are there standard tournament rules or anything similar?
View Poll
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2021.10.28 01:02 Yasini4real @BinanceChain nodes seem to be having some issues, with some nodes lagging. Try switching RPC if you're struggling to connect.

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2021.10.28 01:02 profitmust Paytm IPO GMP, Dates, Price, Review & Important Details 2021

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2021.10.28 01:02 ribzzn Just formed Portuguese Empire and Japan helped me! :)

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2021.10.28 01:02 No_Wall_9395 Bhad Bhabie very sexy cute girl <3

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2021.10.28 01:02 Malodoror Publishing rights for The Satanic Bible

I’ve made my hatred of Avon and its treatment of The Satanic Bible quite clear for decades. So I figured, why not buy it? Stop bitching and take action. The price isn’t the issue, it’s the subsequent publisher. I feel TSB should be accessible to all but also afforded the respect it deserves in a physical copy.
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2021.10.28 01:02 Lol_u_ded How good is Swift Playgrounds as an educational tool?

Shortly after I first started learning Unity, a computer science professional told me about Swift Playgrounds. He told me to drop Unity for now and learn Swift. How applicable are the concepts I am learning to a real-time engine? Is Swift worth my time as a tutorial ground?
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